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Hi Everyone -

Great News…. the CYFI 2014 Youth Committee is about to start off a new year of monthly activities. We’re really excited as there are a bunch of fun ideas already in the works.

Are you interested in becoming a Youth Committee member? Do you want to help out but organizing the local finance related activities in your community?

Then please get in touch with the CYFI Youth Coordinator Kimberly DeRose to get involved!

Have a nice weekend!

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Financial Youth Landscape Award!

Applications for the Financial Youth Landscape are being accepted until FRIDAY 4 APRIL!

That gives you an extra week to turn them in to win the chance to attend our Youth Meeting in NYC!

Send an email with any questions:

Good luck!

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Hello All,

The Entrepreneurship awards category has officially closed…. but the Financial Youth Landscape will remain open until 28 March!

With enough forms turned in, you will contribute to a report that will be given to the UNITED NATIONS to help make financial access better for children and youth everywhere!

So be sure to hand it in while you still can ! And tell your friends to take part as well!

Please remember that for each bank you visit, you must fill out a new form.

You still have 6 days left….. go for it !

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The DreamsBank Campaign!


DreamsBank …because every dream starts with a bank account. 

#Dreamsbank – a global youth led campaign!


The DreamsBank campaign is a global youth led campaign to ensure that all children have a bank account. Children and youth want to own their futures… and they want banks to make this possible for them! This campaign will be taken forward to the United Nations to include the financial inclusion of youth into the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Get involved today and win a trip to our Youth Meeting in NYC in April!


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2014 CYFI Youth Awards

2014 CYFI Youth Awards

Child and Youth Finance International

Contest Rules and Regulations

1. Categories

Your target could be to work on your own, with your friends, your classmates, your school, your town or even the whole country. One unique aspect this year is that we will have two different categories:

Individual – This category is for the children and youths that are really into personal projects. This category promotes creative and interesting initiatives concerning our topics.

Groups – If you are not such a big fan of the individual work, why don’t you turn it into a team effort? Apply for these awards as a group, with your friends, classmates or even with the whole school.

2. Themes

Whether taking part in the Awards competition as an individual or as a group, the goal is to organize projects and activities related to the following THREE themes:

1. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship projects that will be considered will be projects that include the following criteria:

  • Businesses that have ALREADY been jump started and employ at least 3-5 other youngsters,  OR
  • Businesses that have ALREADY started and help the community/society.

You can find the Entrepreneurship application form here.

2.    Financial Inclusion: The Financial Youth Landscape

This project aims to look at the financial landscape for youth. That means that CYFI wants to look at banks across the world to see how child and youth friendly they are and how satisfied young people are with the banking products and services offered to them.  For this project, youth must visit banks with a specific form that asks a number of questions. Once all of the forms are turned in, CYFI will be able to make a comparison between banks from around the globe and publish the findings. YOUR name will be published in the document as well!

For this project, children and youth below the age of 18 are asked to speak with a bank in order to fill out the questionnaire.

Let’s see who speaks with the most banks! Those who visit the most banks (must be different bank branches) will have the chance to come to our Third Annual Global Summit in April!

You can find Financial Youth Landscape form here. Please print out this form and fill in ONE form PER BANK. Once the form is complete, you can submit the form here.

3. #DreamsBank Campaign

This is your chance to get creative!

To help CYFI achieve its goal that every child has a bank account by 2025, we will begin a social activation to highlight this important human right. What is your dream? Every child has one, and one thing is for sure – more so now than ever before – they will need to save for it!

That’s why we created the #DreamsBank.  A place to share your dream with the world attached to the image of a single coin. Whether participating using a photo, a drawing or a video, we will gather these dreams, and each coin will represent a symbolic investment, a signature showing support for the right of every child to save for their own future; to lay the foundation for achieving their dream whatever it might be.

These symbolic investments will be used to petition the Secretary General of the United Nations in April 2014 at the CYFI Annual Summit to urge action on ensuring that every child has the right to secure their own financial future.

You can add your photo/video to the #DreamsBank here.

So what is the challenge? You may have access to the internet…. but there are millions of children and young people who do not.  We want them to be included in this campaign as well since every dream matters!

The challenge is for YOU to include those children and youth! Whoever can make the most creative video or photo with children who do not have access, will have the chance to attend our Third Annual Global Summit in April!

You can submit the videos and photos directly to the Facebook page AND to 

3. Calendar

17 February 2014: Launch Awards Competition
17 February 2014 – 4 April 2014:  Application Period
10 – 17 March 2014: Global Money Week

Friday 28 March 2014 – Application Deadline for Entrepreneurship (However, applications are being accepted past the deadline as outstanding projects will still receive an invitation to the Youth Meeting in NYC.  Note that applications past the deadline will not be in the running for finalists)

Friday 4 April 2014 – Application Deadline for Financial Youth Landscape

16 April – Announcement of Semi-finalists (this date may change)

April 2014 – Preparation for Global Youth Summit 2014

April 2014 – Global Youth Summit (exact date to be determined)

4. Applications

Once you have chosen which theme you are most interested in, and whether you prefer to work individually or in a group, you can start planning your project. Fill out the application form after the project is completed and wait for our confirmation email.

Applications should be submitted online through SurveyGizmo and by email on or before 28 March 2014 (Entrepreneurship) and 4 April 2014 (Financial Youth Landscape) to

If you know of another child or youth who might be interested in participating, please tell them about the contest!

5. Rules

  • All participants must be between 8 and 25 years old (*the financial inclusion theme is for children and youth below the age of 18).
  • Candidates must guarantee that their submission is their own original work .
  • All team members must be fully credited for their work.
  • There is no application fee for this contest.
  • Application forms must be written in English although some exceptions may be made. However, if the project is selected as a finalist, the person that is going to represent the project should be a strong English speaker. CYFI will not provide translators.
  • All decisions made by the jury are final. No appeals will be accepted.
  • If applicants do not want their material’s featured publicly (photos and project submissions), they must notify CYFI in writing.
  • One candidate may submit one individual application in addition to one group application. Candidates may not submit multiple group applications.
  • If selected as a finalist, CYFI will sponsor only one child from each group project, no exceptions.  If the youth participant is under 18 years of age, we will sponsor one caretaker (teacher or parent).
  • Young people must represent themselves. We will not sponsor youth that attend on behalf of an NGO.
  • CYFI is committed to providing equal opportunities to all candidates regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, religion, political belief, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Submission of the application implies candidates have read and accepted the above terms.
  • Not abiding by these rules may result in disqualification from the contest.
  • Submissions received after the deadline may not be considered.

6. Evaluation Criteria

How will the projects be evaluated?

All projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria in relation to the age of the applicants:

1. Creativity: You need to show that you can be imaginative and innovative in your ideas and actions.

Suggestion: Think outside the box. Try to think of something that the jury will not have seen. Make it fun. Technology plays a huge role in today’s society – how can you incorporate it into your project? Alternatively, how can you reach those who do not have access to technology with your project?

2. Commitment: You need to show a long-term interest and motivation in financial topics through your ideas and actions.

Suggestions: Keep a journal of your progress. Reflect on the barriers and obstacles you have overcome. Find a way to evaluate how your project will keep the CYF Movement going forwards. How can your project catch the eye of stakeholders and policy makers? Show commitment by making a change!

3. Collaboration: whether you submit your application as an individual or as a group, we want to see teamwork.

Suggestions: This can be shown through collaborative teams within a school, inter-school collaboration, and even international collaboration, working with various stakeholders. Look into partnerships. The more people you collaborate with, the bigger the outreach to raise importance about finance for young people!

4. Impact: Your initiative should have a positive impact on the people around you.

Suggestions: Impact need not only be measured in financial donations but also social and environmental improvement. Go the extra mile and think creatively of how your project can impact not on the community on a local scale, but regionally and globally as well.

The titles of the submissions will also be evaluated.

7. Jury

We have the pleasure to present to you our jury:

Chair: Baroness Valerie Howarth is the Chair of Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, and the former Chief Executive of ChildLine UK. She has also served in leadership roles in a number of other social initiatives.

Prof. Tahira Hira is Senior Policy Advisor to the President at Iowa State University and a noted academic. She has conducted research in a wide range of finance-related subjects.

Ozlem Denizmen Kocatepe is a financial literacy advocate, the President of Strategy at Dogus Holding, and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

Prof. Yanghee Lee is a former Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and a prominent academic at Sungkyunkwan University. She participates in policy work and also received the Korean Woman of the Year award in 2007.

Dr. Henrik Naujoks is a Director at Bain & Company and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Global Exchange for Social Investment

Shaun Mundy is a consultant who specializes in issues of financial capability and regulation. He has worked with CGAP, the OECD, the World Bank, and many other leading international organizations.

Andrea Vogel is the Leader of Strategic Growth Markets (Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa) and a Partner at Ernst & Young, the Hague.

Lauren Young is the Personal Finance Editor at Thomson Reuters and works closely with both and other Thomson Reuters platforms.

8. Prizes

  • Each applicant will receive an official CYFI Certificate of Participation.
  • Finalist submissions will be published on our website.
  • Winning applications will receive the Grand Prize: the opportunity to represent the region at the Global Youth Summit!
  • Also, special prizes per region for thinking outside the box, biggest target group, social media activists are going to be offered.

9. More Questions & Additional Resources

If you have any questions that are not answered here or are having some issues with filling in the forms, please email

Also, Like our page on Facebook to be connected to our news, and other information about the contest!

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Global Money Week Webinars!

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again…. Global Money Week is just around the corner!

Many of you have been showing interest in GMW. GREAT!

We are going to hold a GMW WEBINAR on THURSDAY 30 JANUARY to talk more about what GMW is and ways to get involved.

We will have two different times:

1) 10:00 in the morning (Amsterdam time – UTC +1:00 in English). Click here to join:

2) 18:00 in the evening (Amsterdam time – UTC + 1:00 in English and Spanish). Click here to join:

Please confirm which of these times will work best for you to

You can read more about GMW here !


PS – if you haven’t received the CYFI YouthTalk newsletter, please let me know!

Hola a Tod@s,

Ya ha llegado el momento del año……¡Global Money Week está a la vuelta de la esquina!

Para responder a todas tus preguntas, tendremos un webinar el jueves 30 enero. Durante el webinar, hablaremos sobre la semana “GMW” y de qué maneras puedes involucrarte. 

Tendremos dos webinars diferentes:

1) 10:00 de la mañana (hora de Amsterdam – UTC +1:00 en Inglés). Haces click aqui para unir:

2) 06:00 de la tarde (hora de Amsterdam – UTC + 1:00 en Inglés y Español): Haces click aqui para:

Por favor, confirma cuál de estas horas es mejor para ti, y escribeme a:

Puedes leer mas sobre Global Money Week aqui !


PS – si no has recibido el boletín de CYFI YouthTalk, por favor hágamelo saber!

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CYFI Research Conference in Mexico!

What is the actual impact of financial inclusion? What can we do to break the cycle of poverty?

Follow the CYFI Research Conference hosted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico on 14-15th Nov in Ciudad de Mexico #CYFIMexico. Leading experts and researchers from around the world will come together to give answer to such questions!

Check the CYFI webpage for more information !

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Share your ideas by leaving a comment on this post and/or answering the poll and get involved in the discussion about European youth’s future!

The CYFI Regional Meeting for Europe and Central Asia is taking place on November 4 and 5 at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. European leaders and organizations will be present to discuss financial literacy, employment and financial inclusion for young people in Europe and around the world. A unique feature of the Meeting includes a dialogue between young people from the Region and policy makers.

Of course all of you have a chance to participate in the meeting! On Nov 5th at 14:30, ECB President Draghi will give a speech at the closing ceremony! We would like to give you an opportunity to ask a question to Mr. Draghi on economic issues of young Europeans!!

You can also answer the following poll regarding young European’s future:

Thank you! Your contribution matters!

Remember! The Closing Speech by ECB President Mr. Draghi will be live streamed via the CYFI website: Tune in on Tuesday November 5th at 14.30 to hear him raise the issues of youth.

Follow all the updates on the Facebook page “Finance & Me” and twitter @Financeandme (#CYFIEurope).

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